Become a Member

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Membership is free and is offered after the purchase of a Certificate Opal.

The reason behind this process is that we at Opal Rewards only want people involved in the sales and marketing of opal products that displays a commitment and love of the opal. This commitment is shown by the purchase of a Certificate Opal.

The Certificate Opal once owned, not only is a great thing to have, but the Certificate Opal also becomes a show piece for others to see. This is good as a business building tool.

The benefits of being a member:

  1. You get access to opal products at a great price.
  2. Be able to sell opal products and make a profit.
  3. Get paid commissions from people you invited into the system.
  4. Get paid commissions from people that others invited in.
  5. The potential to make enough money to have a better lifestyle.

The introduction video is a good explanation for these benefits.