Applications for 2018 Brand Ambassador now Open!

Do you consider yourself Instagram famous? Do people enjoy what you post? Do you have a following on Youtube or Facebook and want to use this to make money? If you’d like to get paid to post, receive free jewellery, or receive commission for sales, apply to become an Opal Rewards Brand Ambassador. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have!

Below is an application form to become a brand ambassador for us.
Please share with us any information you feel will help with your application.
Ensure you provide all social media account usernames that you would like us to review.
We will get back to you regarding what we can offer you, as soon as possible.

Please include the SKU numbers of your favourite products on our site. View Products

We receive a high number of applications and are unable to provide sponsorship for everyone, but if you want to be considered, please provide as much details as possible.

We are a family company and appreciate the loyalty of all our customers! 🙂  If you are someone who enjoys buying our jewellery, provide us your order confirmation numbers so we can fast track your application!

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