Boulder Opal

This beautiful gem is found only in the arid regions of Western Queensland, Australia. Boulder Opal was first discovered in 1869 and until then this beautiful Opal had lay hidden for millions of years.

The term “boulder opal” describes the precious Opal that is found within the ironstone and sandstone boulders that it is formed in. These boulders can range in size from a few cm to over 1m in length.

Just like with other types of Opal there are many different varieties of boulder Opal, which are defined by the pattern, play of colour and the body tone. These varieties include black boulder Opal, light boulder Opal, boulder matrix Opal, crystal boulder Opal and Koroit boulder Opal.

The host ironstone or sandstone makes boulder Opal extremely strong and robust, perfect to wear in jewellery every day.