About Us

As a brief history:

Opal Rewards has come about through a series of businesses developed in the opal industry by Greg McKay over the past 16 years.

Greg McKay and co-founder Alex McKay,  have been heavily involved in the Opal industry for the past 20 years. What started out as mining as a hobby, has now become Greg’s full time passion and business. Opal Rewards is the original website platform that Greg and Alex have created to sell their products to online customers.

Based in the heart of Opal mining country, (Lightning Ridge) the Opal Rewards crew are able to provide customers with quality opal, straight from the mines. Therefore we rival any other online stores selling opal products.

Opal Rewards are committed to ensuring that our customers are pleased with their purchases, and can have peace of mind when buying from us. Consequently, we make sure that all our opal is tracked from the ground to you, and each piece comes with a certificate of Authenticity detailing where it was found.


Opal Rewards has a diverse history in the industry:

  1. Opal mining for 16 years in Queensland (Australia), on boulder opal fields. Selling product at miners prices, wholesale and at retail levels.
  2. Opal mining for 8 years in Lightning Ridge (Australia) in search of the black opal. Selling product at miners prices, wholesale and at retail level.
  3. Processing and cutting opal stones for 14 years.
  4. Setting jewellery both in Australia and overseas.
  5. Owned and operated 9 retail opal shops over the past 12 years in various locations around Australia.
  6. Greg McKay was a past president of the Queensland Opal Miners Association.

With this background wealth of knowledge, Opal Rewards has been created to:

  • Support the opal miners by helping to onsell their opal.
  • To promote opal products to the world
  • To give everyone the chance to buy and own a magnificent opal.
  • To help others create an income while building a business for their future.

Opal Rewards is here to support you and wishes you every success.

Greg Mckay
Alex Mckay