Build a Business

Set goals

  1. Think about what you can achieve from Opal Rewards ie, extra income, replace income, retire with residual income.
  2. Then create an action plan to achieve these goals.
  3. Seek advice and learn from others that are ahead of you.

Tips to Promote Your Business

  1. Use Facebook and other social media outlets, as well as connecting with friends and others in real life.
  2. Use referral links to Opal Rewards website in blogs, bios, in emails etc.
  3. Email offers of Certificate Opal to others with a data base of members ie, business owners, jewelry outlets, social clubs, gem clubs, other retail outlets.
  4. Build your own website with links to Opal Rewards online shop.
  5. Create your own business cards.
  6. Contact us with ideas, our support team can help build campaigns which will help you achieve your goals.